Debraj Goswami

b. 1973 (Serampore, West Bengal)

Debraj Goswami was born in Serampore, West Bengal in 1973. He completed his BVA from the Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkota in 1997 and his MFA from Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University of Baroda in 1999. He was the recipient of the Charles Wallace Award to visit & work in U.K. during 2001-02.

The artist has held several solo and group shows both in India and abroad. He has also participated in numerous artist camps and workshops.

Debraj Goswami often uses symbolism as part of his works to express the anguish and perplexity with regard to the existing situation, where despite ample natural and human resources, there continues to be discrimination and war for the sake of politics, religion, cast, gender and much more.

The artist lives and works in Baroda.
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Debraj Goswami
A dog's life
Acrylic on Canson paper
13in x 20in
GRN Code: G7/1/0310
Debraj Goswami
Acrylic on Canson paper
30in x 22in
GRN Code: G7/2/0310