"Art as whole inspires me. Synthesis of an idea.cause and effect of idea.philosophy, science reflects on culture and culture reflects on art. I have curiosity. Importance of art in nurturing self discovery and progression. To record and reflect my journey with personal historical and local references as an artist. I like to play with origins and improvisations. Obscuring the identities of the artist depicted and questioning the relationships with art. 'Art from art'."

"Visual culture is rapidly growing as an effect of globalization especially seen in the cultural and political dynamics of 'postcolonial' societies. Influences on culture, life and acceptance of shared-values and changes of moral judgments."

"I am in a nomadic position with all the cultural baggage. Search for profound existential meaning. A jigsaw of fragments where the answer/end result is unknown."

- Ratnadeep Gopal Adivrekar

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