Madhvi Parekh


Title: Christ on a Cross

Medium: Reverse Serigraph on Acrylic

Dimensions: 40 X 60 inches

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Madhvi Parekh’s serigraph is reverse printed in 11 colours. Edition Size 60. For Reverse Serigraph on Acrylic – Shipping would be extra. Madhvi Parekh explores the possibility of depicting her childhood memories through her paintings, where images of fantasy from her youth are woven into her entire work, which lend it a surreal, dreamlike quality. Her subjects have a freshness and spontaneity to them. Madhvi’s work has its inspiration in rural India, in traditional iconography. Using folk art two-dimensionality in her figures, borders that weave a narrative and art materials that are current, Madhvi brings about a naïve warmth and contemporariness to her work. This artwork will be shipped rolled with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.


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