Haku Shah


Title: Bardoli

Medium: Serigraph on Paper

Dimensions: 34 X 28 inches

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Limited Edition Serigraph printed in 21 colors on archival paper. This serigraph was published in an edition size of 125. This item will be shipped rolled. The paper size is 34 x 28 inch. Haku Shah is a well-known figurative painter of the Baroda School and an authority on folk and tribal art. The simplicity of rural life fascinates him. His contact with tribes persons in his home state of Gujarat he made it his lifetime work discovering tribal rituals, culture and the tribal way of life. His collected tribal folk figurines and that led him to set up museums in India and abroad dedicated to the promotion of the simple life. Many of his works depict a blue shepherd or a herdsman. It has a universal appeal as it speaks for tribes across the globe. Though the image is simple it is embedded with layers not just of paint but of thought and concepts. This artwork will be shipped rolled with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.


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