M F Husain


Title: Laxmi

Medium: Serigraph on Paper

Dimensions: 30 X 21 inches

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M F Husain’s serigraph is printed in 10 colours. Edition Size 125. The colours from M F Husain’s cinema hoardings were now reflected in the art created on canvas. Paintings of MF Husain continuously explored his roots. His knowledge of Indian mythology, religions, customs and traditions was unparalleled. . In the 60s and 70’s Husain’s acclaim made him into an icon, a cult figure, known as much for his eccentricities like walking the streets of Bombay barefoot as for his art. At each point in time, when one tried to figure out ‘What would he do next? How much more would his painting go up in value?’ Husain seemed to be miles ahead of everyone, he not only single handedly create a market for himself for the entire artist community. The latter looked on him with admiration born out of respect and looked up to him for inspiration and constant validation. This artwork will be shipped rolled with Crimson’s certificate of authenticity.


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